The Sunshine Bloggers Award

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

🌻 It’s the Sunshine Bloggers Award! 🌻

Hey Everyone, welcome to my post on the Sunshine Bloggers Award!

First off, I would like to thank Wondererandtraveller for my nomination, as I am a still new to the world of blogging, it came a lovely surprise. This award is a peer recognition award for bloggers to help inspire positivity and creativity so it’s a welcome sign of encouragement at the start of my blog journey. So please go check out her wonderful blog featuring amazing travel and lifestyle blogs.

Firstly, the rules?

1.Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog to this post.

2.Answer 11 questions asked by your nominator.

3.Nominate 11 bloggers.

4.Ask them 11 questions, different to the ones you’ve answered.

5.List the rules.

6.Display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo above your post and blog site!

So here are the questions wondererandtraveller asked me:

Where is your favorite travel destination?

That has got to be Thailand, I just love how easy it is to get around, the culture, the amazing friendly people and the food! Don’t get me started on the food….

What is your fondest childhood memory?

It’s hard to choose from but I think going with my dad to go and buy a real Christmas tree. I was about 7 years old and we walked about 30 mins to the nearest shop that sold them, I can still remember walking back behind my dad with the tip of the tree on my shoulder, I felt like the tree was huge and was proper proud of myself for being able to help carry it all the way home.

You’re ordering Chinese! What do you get?

Got to be hot & sour soup, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and spring rolls!

What would you rather fight, a horse sized duck or a duck sized horse?

Think that would have to be a duck sized horse lol

What do you do to relax?

Binge watching on Netflix, I’m terrible for hiding away and wasting the day watching TV shows.

What has been your proudest moment?

That would have to be graduating university with a first class honors degree as a registered nurse.

Do you have a nickname? Share it with us!

I don’t really have a nick name, occasionally I’ve been called Gracey as that’s my surname.

What is you motto or quote to live by?

You only live once! I think working as a nurse makes you realise how quickly life can be taken away, so its important to make the most of your time whilst you still have your health!

Would you prefer to live in the country or city and why?

This is a hard one, I love the peace and quiet of the countryside but I think I’d miss the hustle and bustle of a city. At the moment I live in Liverpool which is quite a large city, it has great restaurants, coffee shops, nightlife and shopping right on my doorstep as well as lots of cultural and historical things to see as well. Plus if I want to escape the city life, I’m only a short drive away from beautiful countryside such as the Lake district or North wales.

Tell me about yourself in 3 words?

Organised, stubborn and impulsive!

What motivates you to blog?

As a solo female traveler I have spent hours reading through numerous travel blogs trying to find inspiration and travel advice, so after quite a bit of travelling over the years I decided to start my own travel blog to document my own travel experiences and hopefully inspire and encourage others to go out and travel more.

So now its my time to nominate 11 bloggers for the Sunshine Bloggers Award

So here goes:

Over What Hill Adventures

Annie Bishop

Scottish Girl in Yorkshire

Sunsets and Tea

Girl About Europe

Be Wright Back

Tasty Intinerary

SOS travel

Frugal For Luxury

Off The Tourist Treadmill

Travel On A Time Budget

Go and check out all their amazing blogs and content👍

To all those I have nominated, please don’t feel pressured to write this blog post, you do not have to if you do not wish!

For those that do, here are my 11 questions:

1. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

2. Where would you like to travel to next? is it for work or pleasure?

3. What is your favorite post you have written?

4. Who is your favorite blogger? link in post!

5. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why?

6. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

7. What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

8. What is your favorite season?

9. Coffee or Tea?

10. What is your ideal way to spend the weekend?

11. What inspires you?

Thank you again Wondererandtraveller for the nomination, please go and check out her blog!



  1. August 24, 2018 / 03:46

    Thank you for nominating our new little adventure blog, Over What Hill Adventures! We are learning from and enjoying wonderful blogs like yours. Joy and I decided to put our answers right here and again, we thank you for recognizing us! <3

    1. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

    Celi—Definitely an extrovert—how else could I go out on a limb and go adventuring with Joy? #UnexpectedAdventures

    Joy—I believe I am a mixture of both, introvert sometimes around some people when I don’t feel quite like I fit in and an extrovert when I am in the mood to socialize.

    2. Where would you like to travel to next? is it for work or pleasure?

    Celi—I would love to go on an extended train trip across America to see every wonderful sight our beautiful country has to offer. #LetSomeoneElseDoTheDriving

    Joy— I would like to do a road trip up the eastern coastline during fall to see all the colors of autumn.

    3. What is your favorite post you have written?

    Celi—I would have to say our post about our unplanned, unexpected trip to a hot springs mineral spa in the middle of nowhere, Colorado, only to find out that our one night there was their weekly clothing optional night.

    Joy— The post of our first trip hiking in the woods with the ticks, lol.

    4. Who is your favorite blogger? link in post!

    Celi—I don’t have one specific one as there are so many outstanding bloggers on so many great topics.

    Joy— My favorite blogger is my partner in crime who writes our blogs for Over What Hill Adventures. She is so very talented and makes me picture things in my head from her creative writing. She spoils me by being the creative end of our duo.

    5. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why?

    Celi—Barack and Michelle Obama because of their strength of character, grace, compassion, humor and intelligence.

    Joy— I would like to sit down and have a conversation with Jesus.

    6. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

    Celi—Sharing Joy and my adventures and fun, and hoping we can inspire others to get out and go explore their world, even if it is just their neighborhood.

    Joy—Traveling and adventure with a dear friend who has the talent to write down our experiences.

    7. What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

    Celi—Maintaining our website as I am moderately technically savvy.

    Joy— Least favorite thing is not having more leisure time to travel and blog.

    8. What is your favorite season?

    Celi—Definitely Fall—feeling the cooler temperatures, seeing the beautiful colors in nature, and smelling the fresh-fallen foliage.

    Joy— Fall.

    9. Coffee or Tea?

    Celi—Hands down—coffee!

    Joy— Coffee.

    10. What is your ideal way to spend the weekend?

    Celi—Exploring, going places I’ve never been and seeing things I’ve never seen. And this would be so much more exhilarating on my bicycle or in my kayak.

    Joy— If a rainy weekend, under a blanket in a cold house with a good book and a glass of wine, if its sunny and not too hot, in a boat on the water and in the water.

    11. What inspires you?

    Celi—People who are fully embracing life—loving and appreciating every second, doing the best for their bodies and the Earth

    Joy— Seeing the goodness of others.

  2. August 20, 2018 / 21:16

    Loved your answers to the questions!!! And congratulations on graduating with a first as well, that’s the goal for the next year as I’m in my final year of uni!

    • LouDoesTravel
      August 21, 2018 / 09:47

      Thanks again for the nomination, good luck with uni, I’m sure all the hard work will pay off!

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