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13 Fabulous Things to do in Keswick!

Keswick Is the perfect place for some much needed relaxation or even some adrenaline adventures if that’s your thing! This guide will show you the best things to do in Keswick to make the most of your visit including how to get there and where to stay.

Wieliczka Salt Mine: Everything you need to know!

Only 14km from the city of Krakow you will find one of Poland’s most visited attractions, the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Be amazed at the sheer scale of the place as well as the amazing detail in the chambers that include chapels with altarpieces and figures, while others are adorned with statues and monuments, there is even an underground lake. The following article tells you everything you need to know to make the most of a trip to this interesting and unusual tourist attraction!

Wroclaw Gnomes: A unique attraction with a dark past!

Wroclaw is one of Poland’s most beautiful cities. The city in recent years has started to grow its international profile drawing in thousands of visitors each day that flock to see the cities beautiful architecture, picturesque squares, historic cathedrals and warm hospitality.
However the city has another attraction not like any other I’ve ever seen. It’s the hundreds of tiny gnomes or dwarfs that you can find dotted all over the city! These Wroclaw Gnomes or Krasnales as they are called locally have become a tourist attraction themselves with more and more popping up around the city each year!

Chania, Crete: An unexpected delight!

Chania is located about 7 Km east of Souda Bay, on the north coast of Crete. The area is mostly known for its military installations with both Hellenic and NATO bases positioned on its Akrotiri peninsula. However, the area is increasingly being seen as a popular tourist destination with many people wanting to explore the areas rich heritage and ancient historical sites.

Albert Dock Liverpool: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located in Liverpool’s incredible World Heritage waterfront, the Albert Dock Liverpool is one of the areas most visited tourist attractions. The site features the largest collection of grade I listed buildings in England and as was made a UNESCO World Heritage site along with other areas of Liverpool in 2004.

24 Hours In Venice: What To See and Do

Can you see Venice in 24 hours? Ideally, I would say no, you need to spend at least a few days in Venice to make the most of this beautiful city. However if short on time like I was, then this guide to 24 hours in Venice is just what you need.